Aromatique Lavender Essential Oil For Skin Care and Hair Growth 100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade- 15ml

November 23, 2018 - Comment

LAVENDER OIL Product Features LAVENDER OIL 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Product Features

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Anonymous says:

Effective and genuine The Lavender essential oil reached me timely.The packing was good.The product was excellent. The bottle had no cracks.I used few drops with my moisturiser and applied on my face. The skin felt soft & supple. And i loved the fragrance. You can use it with aloevera gel too.As for hair just put few drops of this oil onto your hair brush and brush your hair. They will feel soft and you will love the fragrance. Few drops can be combined with hair oil and applied. It heps eliminate dandruff from hair.For acne try applying a drop directly on the acne. Itwill calm them down.Overall a very good and genuine product 👍

Anonymous says:

100% natural quality Quality of the product is 100% natural & soft smooth. And amazon send it with will packed. Aroma always help in stress brust & lavender is one of the best aroma in it. Brought it for self pampering.One of the best product for those who have mixed type of scalp, for example, oily near the forehead and at the back of the head, but dry at other parts. Its powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial action makes it excellent for controlling dandruff and scalp acne complicated by fungal or bacterial infections. It can help heal minor injuries on the scalp caused by scratching, especially in children.

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